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Learn how to get the most out of your WordPress website with these WordPress tutorials designed to tweak and enhance your your site.

If its theme customization or extra website abilities you want to add to your site then these WordPress tutorials are for you.

Best WordPress Hosting Australia

Choosing the best WordPress hosting for your WordPress website is extremely important for your business. It needs to be able to load quickly and reliably for all visitors no matter where they are accessing your website. There are thousands of Australian …

Install WordPress on MAMP with Mac

How to Install MAMP and WordPress Locally on Mac

Do you want to install and use WordPress on your local Mac computer? This guide will walk you through how to setup MAMP and install WordPress on your Apple Mac computer. By creating a local WordPress install on your Mac means …

How to Embed a Google Map in WordPress

How to add a Google Map to your page

WordPress is highly dynamic allowing you to add all sorts of media to your page. The same goes for Google Maps. You can embed any type of Google Map into your page or post. In this guide we will show you …

How to Install WordPress Multisite Network

How to Install and Setup a WordPress Multisite Network

Do you want to setup a WordPress multisite network on your WordPress website? WordPress has the ability to create multiple websites using a single WordPress install. In this guide, we will be covering absolutely everything to do with WordPress multisite. We …

Gain Access to your WordPress Website Via phpMyAdmin

Gain access to your WordPress website via phpMyAdmin

Have you ever needed to log into your WordPress dashboard but forgotten your logins or don’t have a user account? You could click the “Lost your password?” link  then reset your password but what if you don’t have access to the …

How To Install Google Analytics In WordPress

How to install Google Analytics in WordPress

So you built your website and you think its going well but how do you know for sure? The answer is you use software like Google Analytics. Google Analytics is the leading online software to track key analytical information on your …

How To Limit Access To WordPress Dashboard

How to limit access to the WordPress admin dashboard

Do you have a WordPress membership site or users logging into your site? Can they access your WordPress dashboard even if you are not intending for them to? The good thing is that you can limit access to the WordPress admin …

Disable WordPress Admin Toolbar

How to hide the WordPress admin toolbar

When you log into your WordPress website, the WordPress admin toolbar will be displayed at the top of your site. This toolbar is used when accessing quick links to manage your site or when switching between the front-end and back-end of …

Create a Custom Login Page

How to Create a Custom Login Page

In this guide you will learn three separate ways how to create a login page on your WordPress website. Sure you could just log in to your site using your /wp-login.php or /login link but that’ll just take you to the …