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Get the best WordPress theme and plugins by WP Absolute.

We create a number of themes and plugins in-house and also provide our plugins that we cover in our tutorials free of charge here too.

lazyload images

Lazy Load

The best Lazy Load plugin for WordPress.
It is a super lightweight and performant WordPress LazyLoad plugin to speed up your websites page loading.

Slideout Modal Plugin

Slide Out Modal

This plugin creates a slide-out modal box on the bottom right-hand corner of your page.

You can put whatever you like in the box using a widget.


Maintenance Mode Plugin

This is a plugin that adds a simple coming soon or “maintenance mode” page to your website.

When activated, it redirects all public users to a temporary splash page.

Trisense Exit-intent Popup

Exit-Intent Popup

The Trisense Exit-Intent popup is a popup that triggers as soon as the user tries to leave your site. It is a last chance effort to try and sell or capture their details before they exit your site.

Trisense Image Compare Plugin

Image Compare Shortcode

Image compare is a simple shortcode that enables you to compare two images side by side.

You select the two images and it will overlay one on top of the other with a drag compare button in the middle.

Click To Tweet WordPress Plugin

Click to Tweet Shortcode

This is a plugin that creates a shortcode to output a click to tweet box on you post or page. Click to tweet buttons encourage sharing of your content to users own twitter accounts.

Instagram WordPress Plugin

Instagram Feed

This plugin displays your most recent Instagram posts as a shortcode anywhere you want on your page.

This plugin was made as part of our Instagram feed tutorial.

Trisense Theme

A simple and lightweight SEO optimised theme that packs a huge punch. It is a heavily documented and well supported theme used by hundreds of successful businesses online.