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Trisense WordPress Theme

A simple SEO optimised WordPress theme for smart businesses.

Trisense is a simple yet powerful WordPress theme.

Used by countless businesses who see huge performance for their business.

Built to Strict Standards

The Trisense theme is built to the highest standards to ensure it is fully compatible with WordPress.
We have built Trisense on solid foundations. It is built from the ground up influenced by Twitters bootstrap framework and is based on and the popular Underscores starter theme (which Automattic use for all themes on It is completely responsive for mobile devices and has schema markup for enhanced SEO performance.

Trisense Grid System

100’s of smart businesses use Trisense to grow

What are you waiting for? Grow your business too using the awesome foundations of Trisense.

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Why is Trisense so great?

The aim of Trisense is to provide a simple yet rock solid foundation for your next website project.
We are against adding features for the sake of it. Trisense does what you need and then gets out of your way.

No Shortcodes
With Trisense you get what you need and nothing else. That means no shortcodes are included in the theme. If you need shortcodes, our Trisense enhancer plugin adds some really useful shortcodes and avoids adding nonsense that will slow down your site.
No Sliders
Other WordPress themes bundle several sliders as a “selling point”. When you add useless rubbish to WordPress, it just complicates things and slows your site down. Trisense lets you choose your own slider if you even need one in the first place.
No Page Builders
Page builders are handy if you choose to use them. If you don’t, they are terribly bloated. Trisense works with Beaver Builder & Visual Composer, Site Origin PageBuilder. No point reinventing the wheel here so install your favorite and begin!

Looking for help & support?

The Trisense theme is thoroughly documented.
Read the Trisense documentation.
Trisense customers get dedicated support through our Trisense help desk.
What are you waiting for?
Get Trisense today and start succeeding online.
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100% Satisfaction
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