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The WordPress admin area is the private section on your WordPress website that you log in to administer the WordPress website.

The WordPress admin area allows you to completely administer your website. Whether that be adding new pages, writing blog posts, changing the design through themes or adding new users to manage your website too, the admin area is the place you go to do all of this and more.

Accessing the Admin Area

WordPress Login ScreenYou can access this page by adding /wp-admin to the end of your WordPress websites address. For example, go to in your browser.

You can also use /login or /wp-login.php to get to the same location. For example, go to or

To access the admin area requires you log in with your username and password. You need to have a registered account on the WordPress website to log in.

Every person who logs into a WordPress admin area has a certain level of access. The access level determines what parts of the admin area they have access to. Administrators have full access. Editors, Authors and Contributors have respectively lower content editing access levels and Subscribers only have access to edit their profiles.

Some plugins such as WooCommerce add additional profiles that allow you to access certain parts of that admin area.

The Admin bar

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The admin bar or toolbar is the small floating bar at the top of every page of the admin area. It provides quick access to certain parts of the admin area.
WordPress Admin bar

The admin bar was added to WordPress in WordPress 3.1.

On the left hand side of the admin bar provides quick access to administering the most common areas of your website. This includes administering comments and adding new content via the + New drop-down button. You can also view the post/page when editing it from the quick link in the header.

Some plugins such as SEO or caching plugins may extend the admin bar to add additional features specific to their plugins.

On the right hand side of the admin bar is a drop-down to access your site profile. It also has a link to log out of your admin area.

You can disable the admin bar by turning it off on your profile page.

The Admin sidebar

WordPress Admin SidebarThe admin area sidebar is the left sidebar that provides access to the majority of the management pages in WordPress. The admin sidebar is the main navigation area of the admin area of WordPress.

Each item in the sidebar typically comes with a fly out sub-menu that expands to show extra options on hover.

WordPress plugins can extend the sidebar to add additional items to it. These plugins can either add items to the top level or they can add them as sub-menu items to existing menu items such as in the settings or tools menu.

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