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Install WordPress on MAMP with Mac

Do you want to install and use WordPress on your local Mac computer? This guide will walk you through how to setup MAMP and install WordPress on your Apple Mac computer.

By creating a local WordPress install on your Mac means you can run WordPress privately without the need to have a hosting server while you play around or develop your site.

No one else can access your MAMP website because it is a server on your own computer. If you wish to publish it online then you need it to be hosted on an external hosting server.

When you are finished working on your site then you can transfer your local install onto a hosting server where everyone can access it.

Installing WordPress on your local Mac is a very similar process to installing WordPress on your hosting server. There may be different underlying software that runs it but it is still the same WordPress. The software in this case that we will be using is MAMP.

MAMP Application

What is MAMP?

MAMP is a simple and easy application that you install on your Mac computer that allows you to setup and run a virtual hosting server on your computer. This means that you can run WordPress and other similar web applications directly on your computer.

MAMP is an acronym that stands for:

  • macOS (Your computers operating system)
  • Apache (the server software)
  • MySQL (the database management system) and
  • PHP (the programming language).

Most people will run MAMP on their Mac so they can quickly and easily develop their application or WordPress website without needing to continually upload to a server to see their changes.

WordPress requires a server, database and PHP software to run on so MAMP is the perfect solution if you are on Mac.

How to install MAMP on your Mac computer

This section of the guide will walk you through how to install MAMP on your Mac computer. We will be downloading MAMP and then setting it up with the best settings to develop WordPress with.

MAMP is now setup and ready to use on your Mac computer. When you have setup WordPress and want to run it, you will need to make sure both your Apache and MySQL server is running. You can start the servers by clicking the Start servers button.

Start Stop MAMP Servers
Click the Start/Stop button to start or stop MAMP servers. You can see the status of the servers in the upper right corner dots.

The next step is to download and install WordPress.

Installing WordPress in MAMP

This section of the guide walks you through how to install WordPress with MAMP. You will need to download WordPress and then create a database and configure WordPress.

Lets begin!

WordPress is now successfully installed on your local Mac computer. You can now Run WordPress on your Mac using MAMP just like how you would on any other hosting server.

Using WordPress and MAMP moving forward

Now that you have WordPress installed on MAMP you do not need to install anything else. You can simply use your WordPress website on your local computer.

You access your WordPress website in the browser by going to http://localhost make sure you have started the servers on your MAMP application. If you shut down your computer then you will have to restart the servers again in MAMP to run your WordPress website.

To access the files of your WordPress website, you simply need to either navigate to the new root folder that you created in MAMP or if you left it as default then you need to navigate to
/Applications/MAMP/htdocs to see your WordPress install.

If you wish to create a new WordPress install then you simply need to create a second database in phpMyAdmin and create a new folder next to your other folder in the root document folder with all of the WordPress files in it.

Once you have finished building with WordPress on your local Mac computer then you will likely want to move WordPress to a live hosting server. Follow our migrating WordPress from local to live hosting server guide to help you with the migration.

This guide walks you through how to install WordPress on your Mac computer with MAMP. Let us know in the comments below how helpful it was to you. If you need assistance then also add your comments and we will help you out.

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